Black Methodists for Church Renewal,Inc.
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Our Time Under God is Now!

2017-2018 Board of Directors



Board of Directors Officers



Manager, Programs and Operations


BMCR, Inc. National Office

653 Beckwith St. SW, Lower Level 

470.428.3353 (fax)
P.O. Box 92007
Atlanta GA 30314


          Stella Venson, Event Coordinator - Nashville, TN   


Board Members

North Central Jurisdiction: 
Dennis Oglesby, Jr. - Coordinator
Carolyn Johnson -
Northeastern Jurisdiction
Dred Scott - Coordinator
Iris W. Farabee-Lewis -
Carolyn Pendleton -
South Central Jurisdiction:
Michael Bowie - Coordinator 
Yvette Richards -
Ja'Lyn Yarbrough -
Southeastern Jurisdiction: 
Byron Thomas - Coordinator and
Dedric A. Cowser -
Christal Herbin -
Western Jurisdiction:
Anthony Jenkins - Coordinator
Brenda Mims-Wilson -
Jasmine Obregon -
At-Large Members
Kevin Murriel SEJ
  Clergy -Young Adult, 2017  
Angella Current-Felder SEJ
Kaiyra Greer NEJ
  Clergy, 2017  
Monique Blount  NEJ
  Laity, 2017  
Roslyn Kelley-Sykes SCJ
  Laity, 2017  
Theon Johnson  WJ
  Clergy-Young Adult, 2017   
Partnership Representatives
Telley Gadson, President National Black Clergy Woman
                                                        6 Redwolf Lane                                         864-483-5602
  Taylors, SC 29687  
James H. Salley Africa University
  Associate Vice-Chancellor for   
  Institutional Advancement  
Fred A. Allen, National Director  SBC 21
                                     Strengthening of the Black Church  615-340-1721
  for the 21st Century  
David Brown African American Heritage Center
Mollie Stewart, President Gulfside Association, Inc.
Episcopal Consultants to Board
Bishop Woodie White  - (Bishop White's Bio)
Bishop Cynthia Moore Koikoi - (Bishop Moore-Koikoi Bio)